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Hi there! My name is Emily Farrell and I am a Minnesotan based PGA Professional who loves golf, being outside and spending time with family.  I have a sweet little toddler who follows me around and a supportive husband who continues to push me on my endeavors. 

In 2018, I decided to do some soul searching.  I wrote down everything that I am passionate about and figured out a way to make a living doing just that.  Through the process, I created my own brand focused on the things I'm most passionate about.  

I am passionate about helping golfers of all levels improve their game. I offer individual lessons and clinics of all levels and focus on providing simple improvements that you can easily apply to the course. 

I also have a passion for marketing!  I'm not a designer, but know the process.  I spent eight years working at a large golf brand in advertising.  There I was an integral part of the campaign process.  From creative brief development, pre production, editing, retouching, budgeting and billing, you name it, I've touched it.  

Whether you're looking to connect on golf, marketing, or because you just want to chat, I look forward to hearing from you!!

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